professional carpet & upholstery cleaning

employ the latest carpet cleaning techniques, products and commercial grade equipment to provide a truly deep clean. this will not only improve the appearance of your carpets and upholstery, ridding them of discolouration, stains, dirt, odours and pollutants, but increase their life while leaving your home a cleaner and healthier environment. 

both carpets and upholstery will be clean, dry, safe and ready for you and your family to use within a matter of hours. 

we provide a courteous, thorough and professional service and if you are not satisfied we will gladly return to you and, further to this, offer a full money back guarantee. we are fully insured and follow safe working practices.

we have trained with, and are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), so you can be sure of a thorough and professional service from a cleaner who is dedicated to their trade.  

Main staircase & library at Flore House Northampton

cleaned & maintained by We Love Clean



carpet/upholstery cleaning pricing

a no obligation quote will be provided after a complete carpet/upholstery test and survey.

quotes are based on a combination of size, material and any staining on the carpet/upholstery.

(please beware any company who will provide you a final quote over the telephone or via a leaflet. this can indicate a poor service or you will incur extra charges upon the clean)

carpet/upholstery cleaning process

pre-inspection- the carpet/upholstery is fully tested and inspected, customers are advised on the ideal cleaning methods and their limitations to provide the best results

dry soil removal- carpet/upholstery is given a commercial grade vacuum clean to remove all dry soil deposits

spot treatment- problem spots are sprayed with stain specific treatments and loosened to enable stains to be lifted

hot water extraction & carpet neutralisation- the carpet is simultaneously sprayed with rinse agent while a powerful twin motor vacuum extracts the dissolved stains along with the rinse agent solution to neutralise the cleaning agents and making your carpet/upholstery hygienic and safe

drying- turbo air movers are used to enable speedy drying of carpet and upholstery fibres (2-6hrs)

finishing- the carpet/upholstery is then groomed to reset the fibres and present your carpet/upholstery at its best